Private and secure Telehealth services

Due to recent events we have now set up private and secure Telehealth services for our patients. Where possible and appropriate, our team is able to determine if services can be provided using online video conferencing.

Telehealth appointments may be beneficial if you:

A) have pain or injury that requires assessment and diagnosis by a Registered Physiotherapist or Certified Hand Therapist

B) have started physiotherapy or hand therapy and require reassessment and/or progression of your home program

C) are ready to develop, progress, or require monitoring of an exercise program

D) require an assessment to determine if you need to access other health services eg. Is an Xray/Ultrasound/MRI needed

Are Telehealth services covered?

Yes, many extended health benefit providers have already confirmed they are able to approve and cover these sessions, as well as WCB.

Book a telehealth appointment

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