About our Therapists

We have been professionally assessing and treating pain and injury for over 30 years. Our sports physiotherapists understand your sport and can help you get back to playing quickly and safely.

We consider education one of the most important aspects of your recovery.

Understanding your condition allows you to take a direct and positive role in your recovery. Your physiotherapist will give you important information about what your condition or diagnosis is, and the anatomy and structures involved. During your recovery there may be certain activities or movements that you should avoid. Your physiotherapist will discuss what activities or modifications will be safe for you to perform during your rehabilitation.

Advanced Health Physio Hand Clinic Professional staff
Tina Carter PT, CHT, BSc, MScPT, CAFCI, MCPA; Debbie Yuen PT, BScPT, MCPTA, CAFCI, RMT; Tara Krys PT, MScPT, BPE; Cindy Fung PT, BScPT, MCPTA, CAFCI; Jackie Pubantz RMT; Cindy Holmes OT, CHT, BScOT

As athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping active and playing sports. Our sports physiotherapists can tell you what exercises or modifications you can do while you are recovering.


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