Manual and Manipulative Therapy

Manual Therapy :: Physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton

Manual and Manipulative Therapy
(massage, soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, spinal manipulation)

There are many types of manual (hands-on) therapy that your physiotherapist may be trained in:Ÿ

Soft Tissue Techniques

Passive movements applied to soft tissues of the body including muscles, ligaments and fascia. Examples include:  massage, myofascial release, stretching, mobilization with movementŸ

Joint Mobilization

A slow, controlled movement (varying Grades I-IV) applied by a physiotherapist to an affected joint in the body to improve its range of motion.Ÿ

Joint Manipulation (sometimes known as an ‘Adjustment’)

A fast, controlled movement (Grade V) applied by a physiotherapist to an affected joint to improve its range of motion and in some cases to decrease muscle spasm. Manipulation may be done to most joints of the body. Spinal manipulation* is considered an advanced technique requiring further study and examination.

*For your safety, the practice of spinal manipulation is a restricted activity requiring advanced training and formal examination (written & practical).  All of our therapists that perform spinal manipulation are licensed and registered on the USE OF SPINAL MANIPULATION roster of the Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association.