What to expect at your first physiotherapy session (the assessment)

Never had a physiotherapy appointment and wonder just what your first appointment involves? 🤷‍♀️

When you first see a physiotherapist:

An initial assessment will be done by a physiotherapist. This involves a detailed history taking, and then a physical test of Range of Motion, Strength, Flexibility, and a variety of other special tests (eg. reflexes, sensation, joint stability and ligament tests).
This determines the cause of the pain or problems presented.

Treatment is based on your specific diagnosis but techniques may include:

Stretching (e.g. Assisted, hands-on, active, directed or guided, PNF, Contract-Relax, Hold-Relax, Sustained, Prolonged, Dynamic)


Manual therapy (soft tissue techniques like massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization and/or spinal manipulation)

Physiotherapy assessment




Strengthening exercises

Postural Work

Stability exercises

Mobility exercises

Work specific tasks and conditioning

Sport specific drills and conditioning

Modalities (eg. heat packs, ice or cold therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS, NMES, IFC, Laser, Traction or spinal Decompression)

Treatment always includes education about what is involved with your body.